Dear leader, please step into your role

Why leadership skills are critical when you have the title “leader”.

In many organisations, we see people being promoted as leaders – not because of their ability to lead others but because of their contribution as individuals or their merit in the organization. 

Promoting people without essential leadership competences into leader positions will not only damage a company’s results but might also have a negative impact on people’s personal lives. 

Know your responsibility as a leader

There is a huge difference between being a leader as a human being and having a title as a leader. Stepping into a position, there are certain expectations connected to it. Not only from the rest of the organization but also from the employees. 

If you only have the title, you better learn the skills because you have a huge impact on the company and on people whether you like it or not. 

There has been written many articles on the difference between managers and leaders. I assume you know the content. Are you more of a manager type than a leader type, continue reading.

Becoming a leader

It is not that complicated. You need to have an interest in what it means to be a leader. You must act as a role model and you must be honest and respectful. We can all make mistakes because life is one long journey of learning, but at least make an effort to learn. 

Leading can only happen when people follow you. They only follow if they want to. And how do you get them to “want”? By taking your role seriously.

Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.”

– Steve Jobs 

It is clear that employees want leaders and not managers. Leaders have a vision. They inspire and develop people. They understand that it is impossible to create results alone. They will often say “we are in it together”. They understand the team and the individual. They see the potential in each person. 

Leaders communicate clearly and often. They have a plan and they know how to prioritize to ensure focus on the “right” stuff. They engage people. 

Leaders create opportunities for people to use their strengths. They develop the organisation by unfolding the strengths. They get people to enjoy their work. They create a company with a strong market position because people will go the extra mile.  

Remember, as a leader you have a huge impact on the company’s future as well as on people’s lives. 

The effect of stepping into the role

When you really step into the role as a leader, you will se people develop their skills. There will be a clear purpose for their job and they will understand why they have to make certain assignments or decisions. If you as a leader and a human being trust you employees and want the best for them, they will follow you. You will create fantastic results through others. 

Make sure you are a leader for the right reasons and remember to continue the journey of learning the skills. It is up to you to develop your own skills and mindset to become a leader and not just a manager. 

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